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Perfect Timing: When to Publish Your Crypto Press Release

Crypto Press Release

A lot has been said, including by us, about how to craft a good crypto press release. There are ways to make the release engaging and eye-catching to your target audience but these are not the only factors that impact how effective it will be. Another factor you will need to keep in mind is the timing of its release. 

At the end of the day, you want your press release picked up by the right publications and the day of the week and even the hour you send it can make an impact. 

How Timing Impacts Press Releases

The first thing you need to do is understand how exactly the timing of your press release distribution is important and how it impacts its eventual publication. First, you have to consider the editors 

The average editor of even a mid-sized publication will get dozens of press releases in a single day and in many cases, it is luck of the draw in getting their attention. If you send in your crypto press release at a time when they aren’t in the headspace to read one, you might get ignored. The same is true if you send in the press release when they are just leaving the office and less likely to engage with it. 

If the editor you are targeting does not engage with your crypto press release, it is less likely to get published, especially in the timeframe you are targeting. When you put out a press release, chances are that you are trying to make the public aware of a new product, service, partnership, acquisition, etc. You need this release to be made public at a certain time so that news sites can pick it up and it can get widely circulated. 

If you miss this timeframe, the news becomes old and will be less likely to get published. This can have a negative effect on your marketing efforts and even your bottom line. Simply put, the time that you choose to distribute your press release causes a chain reaction that impacts getting editors’ attention, the release’s publication, attention from the media, and more publicity for the business.

That is why, when publishing a crypto press release, there are a few time-related factors to consider. 

Crypto Press Release

Factors to Consider 

Day of the Week: Look at this from both the editor’s and the public’s perspective. A lot of people send in their press releases over the weekend or early on a Monday morning. When the editor opens their inbox, they are flooded with dozens of press releases, meaning yours can easily get lost in the crowd. On the flip side, sending in your press releases on a Friday means that the editor will be closing down for the week and might not get around to seeing it until the next Monday when the news is no longer as fresh

This is why some suggest that you submit your crypto press release around the middle of the week, preferably between Tuesday and Thursday. This means less competition and more of a chance for the news to be picked up. If you are in control of when your press release will be published, you should also aim for these days to get the best results. 

The same principle applies if you wish to bury a piece of news. It has been a standard in PR, especially entertainment PR, to announce bad news on a Friday afternoon or a Monday morning so that it can get lost in the information cycle. For example, celebrities are known to announce news like divorces on Fridays so that the public can quickly digest and then forget about the news in question. If your crypto press release is announcing something you don’t want people to think of for too long, you should do the same. 

Hour of the Day 

Suppose you are sending your crypto press release to an editor. In that case, you also need to be conscious about the time that you send it in. Sending the press release too early in the day means that the editor probably hasn’t opened their email yet and yours will be pushed down by all the other ones coming in. The same principle applies if you are sending in the press release late in the evening as the editor is probably not monitoring their inbox at the time. 

According to studies, the best time of the day to send in a press release is between 10 am and 2 pm. The editor will likely be monitoring their inbox at the time and is more likely to see it. Another way to avoid having to send in your press release at such specific times would be to opt for a crypto press release distribution service like BTCWire. Several of our packages offer guaranteed publication, which means that it will be seen by editors no matter what day or time you send it in.

Crypto Press Release

Crypto Press Release vs Project Release 

On a wider scale, you have to consider how soon you want your crypto press release put out compared to when a new project is due to be launched. Say your company is launching a new line of Bitcoin miners and you want to put the word out. You don’t want to send out your release the day it is launching as you need to account for review by editors, publication, and news sources picking up the release and drumming up more publicity. 

As a rule, you should put out your press release 1-2 weeks before launch day. This accounts for any delays in publication and allows it to make the media rounds and create public interest. 


Knowing when to send out a crypto press release both for editor review and publication is a delicate balancing act that could make or break your publicity efforts. As we’ve outlined above, you need to know the day of the week and time of day to send in your press release and how to position these within the large timeline of PR and marketing efforts. 

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