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Tokenum Unveils Innovative Gasless Platform for the Ethereum Blockchain – A Game-Changer for the World of Cryptocurrency


Tokyo, Japan, November 13th, 2023, BTCWire

Tokenum, a pioneering cryptocurrency platform, is proud to introduce its groundbreaking “gasless technology.” This revolutionary innovation simplifies cryptocurrency transactions and token offerings on the Ethereum blockchain, ushering in a new era of user-friendly accessibility. 

The platform has already embarked on alpha testing, with an accelerated beta version scheduled for release within a week.

Revolutionary Technology

Tokenum’s gasless technology marks a significant advancement in the cryptocurrency landscape for several compelling reasons.

1) Innovative Gas-free Transactions

In traditional banking, transaction fees are paid using the same currency that is being transacted. However, in the world of cryptocurrency, fees are often paid in another, blockchain-specific digital currencies. Such fees are referred to as “gas.” Tokenum’s gasless technology eliminates the need for users to grapple with this complex concept, making cryptocurrency more accessible to a broader audience.

2) Supercharged Token Sales 

New cryptocurrency projects face various challenges, including scheduling, legal compliance, compatible wallets, and sale regulations. Additionally, for users to participate in project sales, users must first acquire specific coins to cover blockchain gas fees. Tokenum’s gasless technology simplifies this process, making it easier for crypto projects to attract users and maximize revenue from each sale.

3) NFT Industry Transformation 

Tokenum’s gasless technology presents an opportunity to reshape the NFT industry. NFT creators and owners can now prepay for NFT transfers, removing the burden of gas payments for users. This opens the door to entirely new audiences and streamlines the process, making it as effortless as managing digital art on Instagram or Pinterest.

4) Removal of Entry Barriers for New Ecosystems 

Tokenum also benefits new blockchains by allowing users to leverage the tokens they already have, eliminating the need to acquire blockchain-specialized coins for different networks and ecosystems. This significantly simplifies the sophisticated process of navigating and using new blockchains, platforms, or even metaverses.

All Gas No Brakes and Light-Years Ahead

One of the most notable aspects of Tokenum is its current full-fledged operational status. While other industry players, such as Circle Inc., Auros, 0xGasless, Open Zeppelin, and more, are still in the developmental stages, Tokenum is live and fully functional on the Ethereum network. The platform’s future plans include expanding its support to encompass additional networks.

The AI-Powered CEO Behind Tokenum

Tokenum’s powerful technology is spearheaded by a distinctive team, represented by Takeshi Tokenai, an AI-powered CEO. Notably, Takeshi was formally appointed as the leader on July 1, 2021, making him the world’s first AI CEO. Conversely, Tokenum’s technological prowess is underpinned by the collective expertise of its international team, boasting two decades of experience in the realms of cybersecurity, high technology, and blockchain. When asked to share their comments on the matter, Takeshi Tokenai’s only statement was: “Tokenum is here to take the crypto world by storm.”

What Lies Ahead

In summary, Tokenum’s gasless technology is reshaping the cryptocurrency landscape by simplifying transactions, facilitating token sales, and supporting the growth of new blockchains. Now the project is already integrated with CyberWallet, the one of the most secure wallets at the market, and HyperID, the single identity solution. Together, they creates seamless entrance to any web3 project, space or activity for any user, regardless of their crypto skills. Tokenum is poised to become a major player in the future of cryptocurrency.

Currently, the company is offering giveaways and opportunities on its X channel (formerly Twitter), as well as on Zealy and QuestN, prominent crypto-community platforms. In the cryptocurrency world, such initiatives often signal preparations for rapid expansion and the potential launch of their own token.

For further updates and insights, please visit Tokenum’s official website:

Join the conversation on Tokenum’s X channel (formerly Twitter) by following @tokenum


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