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Rated, Home of The Industry’s Leading Network Explorer, Launches on Solana

Rated Labs

London, UK, May 15, 2024

Rated is pleased to introduce the Solana Network Explorer, offering a detailed, real-time overview of Solana’s network performance, allowing users to delve into the specifics of consensus data and validators that secure billions of dollars in value.

A significant amount of blockchain and transactional value is being built natively on the internet, yet information about how they perform and the risks underlying them is fragmented. Block explorers are essential, yet the work carried out by network operators and the underlying blockchain infrastructure providers is often in the dark.

Solana’s performance driven design is entirely reliant on the network of validators who make up the Solana Network. There are currently around 1767 validators securing the Solana with an active stake of approximately 58 Billion USD, across over 1 million active staking accounts.

Questions often arise about the actual composition of the network, Who are the network operators and stakers ? What risks are they taking,  and how do they perform?

The Rated Solana Network Explorer and suite of API tools answers these questions by providing detailed insights into the present and historical state of the network, including operator performance, commissions, network penetration, vote effectiveness/latency, client, geo and host distribution,  and more. In the blockchain realm, traditional metrics like uptime, latency, and APY only tell part of the story about a network’s health and the standing  of the operators within it ,  Rated saw the need to develop RAVER, an open-source methodology aimed at measuring risk-adjusted performance more comprehensively.



Reliable and up-to-date network state data forms a crucial foundation for sophisticated blockchains like Solana. Rated’s methodology not only sheds light on the specifics of the Solana’s network but also establishes a path forward towards enhanced transparency, accountability, and ongoing innovation.

The introduction of the Solana Explorer on Rated adds valuable context to the Solana validator network and is an important step in making it easy for users to monitor and understand the network’s core functioning.”

  • Amira @ Solana Foundation

“We’re really excited to be launching support for Solana. This release stands on the shoulders of innovations in wrangling with the myriad of data points that the network produces, which we think will add material value to the ecosystem.”

Elias Simos @ Rated

To explore Solana’s network and operators, visit the Solana Rated Explorer

About Rated Labs

Rated Labs is a pioneer in the Web3 infrastructure data space. Since its inception in 2022, the company has seen nearly 250k unique visitors on its network explorer, 15k MAUs, 500M  calls on its API spread across 45+ integrations, as well as partnerships and integrations with leaders and innovators in the Staking ecosystem including Lido, Metamask, Liquid Collective, Chorus One, and more. 




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