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LABEL Foundation and Clesson Venture into AI Sector, Strengthened by Collaboration with Alibaba Cloud

Label Foundation

Seoul, South Korea, May, 23, 2024

In a strategic move signaling a profound shift in its trajectory, LABEL Foundation, a prominent IT company led by software development company Clesson, announces its bold entry into the artificial intelligence (AI) industry, specifically targeting the AI music and sound category. Known for its innovative musicapplication, TRACKS, LABEL Foundation is now setting its sights on leading in AI, unveiling a dynamic roadmap to spearhead the development of cutting-edge AI technology.

This venture into the AI sector highlights LABEL Foundation’s steadfast commitment to technological evolution and innovation. With a history of pushing boundaries and boasting an impressive user base of over 200,000 on their music app TRACKS, this strategic pivot towards AI underscores the company’s readiness to embrace new challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

LABEL Foundation introduces Signail, an AI sound protocol service and voice platform that allows users to record their voices in one language, with AI seamlessly translating it into another while preserving their unique tone and voice. This service was recently previewed on the company’s official social media platforms.

On May 23rd, Clesson fortified its position in the AI sector through a strategic collaboration with Alibaba Cloud. This partnership utilizes Alibaba Cloud’s advanced Cloud resourcesㅣto enable not only professionals but also everyday users to create music and voice content, contributing to a creator economy where everyone can participate in creative endeavors.

Clesson plays a crucial role in the software development and operation of LABEL Foundation’s projects. As both LABEL Foundation and Clesson embark on this transformative journey into the AI sector, they reaffirm their commitment to innovation and excellence. With strategic partnerships and pioneering protocols, LABEL Foundation is poised to redefine the possibilities of AI and shape the future of the digital landscape.

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