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$GUMMY Set to Launch New Meta On Staking on Solana

London, UK, May 17, 2024

$GUMMY, a 4/20 weed gummy bear on the Solana ecosystem, is set to launch a new meta on staking that will reward $GUMMY holders with new meme airdrops. The staking is split into three parts, each lasting a month. In each era, $GUMMY owners can earn $BAKED, a new token that will be launched on the meme launchpad.

Reward percentages will rise in subsequent eras. 

Potential users can earn by holding $GUMMY or by invitations. They get to earn a percentage of their referrals’ points, and since it is based on a multi-level system, the value of tokens staked will be proportional to the rewards.

$GUMMY’s Staking Rewards 

The first part kicks off with all players on the same level, and they get to earn 15% rewards in the form of $BAKED tokens. The second era promises a 22.5% reward for players, and the third guarantees a whopping 45%. However, new players in all game parts will earn a flat rate of 15% of staked tokens. 

As the adventure continues, the team hopes more rewards will be available as most players will, for several reasons, stop playing. The unused rewards will then become readily accessible for active users to grab. This further creates a much larger reward pool than envisaged. 

$GUMMY’s soon-to-be-launched staking will feature in the near future numerous referral  contests like the Most Baked Of All Time (MBOAT). It is a special referral tournament held twice in each era where, as the name implies, the top 10 players with the most points win. Previous winners will get multipliers and automatically qualify for the next contest. After each era ends, users must unstake and then stake again to access the multipliers for the next competition. 

The Most Transparent Meme Coin 

This new meta on staking on the Solana ecosystem will officially start the “Road to $1 Billy” and will position $GUMMY as a meme incubator for all transparent and sustainable meme coins on Solana. Currently, it has the highest community in the ecosystem and one of the most transparent. 

$GUMMY was designed to take the Solana network by storm and introduce a fun, exciting, and remarkably rewarding meme coin that proves that sometimes, the biggest returns come from not sweating the small stuff. 

$GUMMY Tokenomics 

$GUMMY is available for trading on MEXC, ByBit,, and BingX centralized exchanges (CEXes). 

  • LP Burnt: 40% 
  • Airdrops; 30% 
  • Marketing: 20% 
  • CEX Liquidity & Market Maker: 10% 

About $GUMMY 

$GUMMY is a 4/20 weed gummy bear ready to take the advanced Solana ecosystem by storm. The new staking game will further solidify its stance as a genuinely rewarding, transparent, and sustainable meme coin with something to prove in the trillion-dollar crypto market. 

Media Contact 

Company Name: Gummy LTD 

Company Contact Person: Carl Bullx, CEO 

Company Website: 

Company Email: [email protected]

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