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Discover the Hype of xMetaCene The First Derivative Project of the MetaCene Ecosystem


Singapore, June 17, 2024

xMetaCene is officially reopening its gates for its much-anticipated Season 2. This dynamic P2E mini-game within the MetaCene ecosystem launched on Mantle in June 2024 and is available as a Google Chrome extension. The web-based experience eliminates traditional entry barriers for Web3 games and offers players a seamless and accessible entry into the world of Web3 gaming.

Players can expect fresh immersive quests, exciting drops from the Wheel of Fortune, and a prize pool of 200,000 $MNT from Mantle + 3,000,000 tMAK tokens. Additionally, players can earn exclusive benefits that can be utilized within the MetaCene ecosystem. These include in-game NFTs, mining machines, and other special incentives. 

Season 1 of xMetaCene was an extraordinary adventure that captivated over 210,000 enthusiastic players internationally while gaining significant popularity on X. The game’s nostalgic pixel art allure, captivating and addictive quests, immersive gameplay, and real-world rewards contributed to its widespread appeal and success. 

As of June 14, just a few days after its release, xMetaCene has surpassed 130,000 players and processed over 915K on-chain transactions, showcasing its immense popularity and the community’s eagerness for innovative and engaging Web3 gaming experiences. Those remarkable milestones reflect the success of xMetaCene in attracting a diverse and enthusiastic player base in such a short time. With a strong start to Season 2, xMetaCene is poised to continue its success in the Web3 gaming landscape.

The Backbone of xMetaCene

Mantle Network is a Layer-2 (L2) scaling solution compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It enables quick and inexpensive transactions through the use of optimistic rollups. Mantle EcoFund consists of a $200 million catalyzed capital pool that invests in native applications and technology partners of Mantle Ecosystem, including MetaCene. 

Their backing and partnership with MetaCene have led to the seamless integration and enhanced performance of xMetaCene, ensuring players enjoy a smooth and rewarding gaming experience. This partnership underscores a shared vision of expanding possibilities and pioneering advancements in blockchain gaming. 

Dive into the action, explore the vibrant community, and transform your thrilling gaming experience with real-world gains in xMetaCene’s thrilling new season!

Download the xMetaCene extension here

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