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5 Crypto Press Release Errors to Avoid

Crypto Press Release

So, you’ve crafted a crypto press release and are ready to send it out into the world. If all goes well, this press release could garner publicity for your company and get all eyes on whatever development you are announcing. But things don’t always go well with press releases.

Sometimes, they garner minimal if any attention and in some cases, do not give a return on the time, money, and effort spent creating them. If you want to make the most of your press releases, you should take care to avoid the following errors:

  • Making Them Boring

Crypto Press Release

You have to keep in mind that on any given day, hundreds of crypto press releases are published and all are competing for the attention of various publications and the general public’s attention. One of the worst things you can do for your business is put out a crypto press release that is not engaging in any way. 

This isn’t to say that your press release should be sensationalised for no reason. Instead, try to craft one that you as a reader would care about. Put out a catchy headline that will make others care about your development. Rather than saying, “ XYZ mining company to release new model”, you could say, “XYZ mining company to offer 20% more efficiency with new miner model”. 

Doing this gives the reader something to look forward to and a reason to click. Sprinkle a few relevant fun facts through the press release and add an insightful quote where you can. While it should still be professional, it does not have to be boring.

  • Too Much Filler Information

While, as we’ve said, you should make your press release engaging, it should not be full of filler information. As a rule, the very first paragraph should answer the crucial questions of what, where, when, how, and why. 

Even after you’ve delivered the basics of the crypto press release, you should still include information that serves a purpose. Any facts you mention should pertain to the release and should be kept short. The same is true of quotes. Have them concise and to the point and try not to stuff the press release with too many different quotes. 

Ideally, the reader should be able to get through the release in a few minutes and shouldn’t be greeted by a wall of text. Break the release down into a few neat paragraphs and trim the fat wherever you can.

  • Ignoring Alternative Formats 

A crypto press release, believe it or not, can always be more than a simple release if you are willing to embrace other formats. Besides publishing your latest business news as a traditional release, you can have the content turned into an informational video for customers, Instagram posts, Twitter threads, and much more,

A lot of business owners are reluctant to pursue these formats but you do a disservice by ignoring them. First, they offer a wider reach. While you can certainly have your press release widely circulated, especially with BTCWire by your side, you can also target another group of customers via social media. 

Not everyone will see your release on traditional press platforms or news websites but most people use social media in some way. By doing this, you meet the customer where they are and get more bang for your buck. Plus, if your business is already on social media, your PR and marketing efforts can be more cohesive. 

  • Not Circulating Your Crypto Press Release Widely 

Crypto Press Release

If a crypto press release is created and no one sees it, did it really happen? The goal of a press release, naturally, is to create awareness for whatever business it is attached to and the best way to do this is to make sure it is widely circulated. 

Because you are competing with every other business in the industry, you’ll need to make sure your release is seen by the biggest names possible and featured in top publications. That is why at BTCWire, we keep a dedicated network of hundreds of publications. When businesses trust us with their releases, we make sure that they get the visibility they need, with each of our price tiers guaranteeing a minimum of 10 publications, along with other perks. 

By only having your press release in the hands of a few platforms, you sell yourself and your business short in the long term.

  • Neglecting Media Links 

We already know that the goal of a crypto press release is to drive publicity for your business but you also want people to take action. This could mean visiting your website, following you on social media, making purchases, signing up for an event, and much more. The best way to achieve this goal is to make it as easy as possible for readers to take action. 

This, of course, will involve having links helpfully placed throughout the release. Your release should ideally end with a call to action followed by a link. ‘Find out more at our website’, ‘Sign up on our events page’,  ‘Contact us for more’, and so on would be good ways to drive engagement.

Traditionally, there is a section at the end of the release with all of your media links and contact emails and these have to be clear to the reader. If you neglect these media links, you could end up with readers who are engaged but are not compelled to take action immediately, only to become distracted by other things and forget about your business. 


Putting out a crypto press release can yield amazing or poor results depending on both how it is written and how it is presented to the world. There are several errors that crypto businesses make which see them not getting the most benefits from their releases. 

Consider the above errors and make sure they don’t apply to the press releases you’ve been publishing. Keep them in mind at all times and watch your crypto press releases deliver the best results.

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